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You can find everything from entry level to the best hi-end speakers in the world at Hanson. Hi-Fi Audiophile, Home Theater Surround, Whole House Audio, Outside Audio are offered in almost every line. Floor Standing Tower, Bookshelf, Soundbar, Sub-Woofer, Outside Rocks/Planters, In Ceiling, On Ceiling, In Wall, On Wall, Wireless, Weather proof are some of the selection criteria. Visit our Showroom where we have between 50-100 pair of speakers available for audition purposes in a variety of listening rooms to closely simulate your home environment.

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Learn about our upcomingthumbs-news-events events and news. There are some great opportunities coming up to learn and experience the latest and greatest in Home Theater, Hi-Fi Audio and Home Automation. Check it out!

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We carefully select thethumbs-our-products highest rated, award winning products at various budget levels to display and sell. This variety will help you select the best products with the best performance for the dollars you have available to spend.

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Experience our productsthumbs-showroom for yourself in our three floor, 6000 square foot state-of-the-art showroom. We have various lifestyle areas setup to experience the latest in Home Theater, Hi-Fi Audio and Home Automation and much more!

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