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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it takes a concerted effort to stay ahead of the curve. In our three floor, 6000 square foot interactive showroom we can educate you – and you can experience how to make this technology work for you and your own changing lifestyle. Some examples of what you can experience are:

thumbs-flat-screensFlat Screen:  The new flat screens are intelligent devices that offer much more than simply watching a TV program or movie. See how you can use applications like Skype to turn your flat screen into a personal communication device that can provide interactive connections to your family and friends. Use your TV to gather information through the internet, stream movies and use new capabilities like voice and gesture control to issue your TV commands.  With so many choices of televisions its easy to get confused.  Let us guide you through a series of questions to find the right choice for you.

thumbs-speakersSpeakers:  Adding emotional dynamic sound to a home theater environment or setting up a meaningful, rich music listening experience can only happen if the right speakers are selected.  To make the right choice, you can listen to any of over 50+ speakers always available for audition purposes in a room setting close to one you would have at home. Tower, bookshelf, soundbar, subwoofer, center channel, in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling, on-ceiling, and outdoor speakers are all available to experience.


thumbs-whole-house-musicWhole House Music: Wired or wireless music can be established throughout your home controlled through iPhone, iPad, or Droid Phone. Music can originate from your hard drive, iTunes, music server, or a host of services such as Pandora Radio, Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, Spotify or over 100,000 radio stations around the world.


thumbs-turntablesTurntables: Vinyl records sales have grown steadily for the past several years and have created a vibrant market for turntables, cartridges, and supplies. We have multiple turntables available for audition starting from simple plug and play to the most advanced engineered tables made.  Our turntables are available in a wide variety of price points.

thumbs-theaterTheater:  Projectors, screens, seating, layout designs, sound options and a host of varying configurations can be experienced in 5 different theater room environments within the showroom.


thumbs-automationAutomation:  Universal remote control of your entertainment, lights, blinds, temperature, door locks, etc can be experienced in a variety of settings. This can be controlled by vendor remotes or by using your iPhone, iPad, computer, or Droid phone as the controller.


thumbs-headphonesHeadphones: Listen and compare some of the best headphones on the market from Sennheiser, Grado, Focal, Paradigm and PSB on display and ready for a test drive.


thumbs-electronicsElectronics: Surround sound receivers, 2 channel receivers, amps, pre-amps, power conditioners, CD, DVD, DAC, and Music Servers in a wide range of capabilities and price points.


thumbs-power-condCables, Power Conditioning and Accessories:  Cable terminations, loudspeaker cables, interconnects, HDMI cables, power conditioning etc.


thumbs-furnitureFurniture: Theater seating, component furniture, equipment racks, speaker stands are available.


thumbs-dig-music-playersDigital Music Players: A new world of 24 bit music is available for playback as alternatives to CD, Vinyl and iTune downloads. With the low cost of digital storage, quality recordings can be stored and played through a variety of alternatives to complement your  listening pleasure.

Learn about our upcomingthumbs-news-events events and news. There are some great opportunities coming up to learn and experience the latest and greatest in Home Theater, Hi-Fi Audio and Home Automation. Check it out!

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We carefully select thethumbs-our-products highest rated, award winning products at various budget levels to display and sell. This variety will help you select the best products with the best performance for the dollars you have available to spend.

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Experience our productsthumbs-showroom for yourself in our three floor, 6000 square foot state-of-the-art showroom. We have various lifestyle areas setup to experience the latest in Home Theater, Hi-Fi Audio and Home Automation and much more!

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